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What is Dog Obedience?

Dog obedience is the canine equivalent of dressage. A handler must direct his dog in a stylised and defined manner according to instructions given by a judge and steward, and is scored for accuracy. Examples of predetermined tests at competition level include: heelwork, commanding the dog to take specific positions (sit, down, stand), sending the dog away, retrieving & scent exercises also timed stay exercises. Dogs of any breed can participate and here at Dogs Training Academy we can help from puppy to adult dogs.

Competitions :

Official obedience competitions are held across the country, while popular unofficial shows also attract a dedicated following.

Types of obedience competition include: 
Open Kennel Club Shows Competitions held under Kennel Club regulations where the number of entrants is not limited. 
Limited Kennel Club Shows Competitions held under Kennel Club regulations where the number of entrants is limited to a specified number. 
Exemption/Companion Dog Shows Informal competitions held under Kennel Club licence.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme :

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme (KCGCDS) is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership. For more information about the scheme, see the KCGCDS section of the Kennel Club's website.

At Dogs Training Academy we offer the opportunity to take Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards. This is offered as part of our  Puppy and Pet Training classes. Tests for these awards are conducted by an external examiner. 

    • Puppy Foundation Assessment Lays down a foundation for a puppy's training and socialisation. Offered in our Puppy training class.
    • Bronze Award Aims to provide the handlers with a basic knowledge of understanding and training their canine companion. Offered in our Basic Pet Training classes.
    • Silver Award Aims to build upon the skills learned in the Bronze Award whilst increasing the level of difficulty. Offered in our Basic and Intermediate Pet Training classes.
    • Gold Award Aims to build upon the skills learned in the Silver Award and develops more advanced training skills of the dog and the handler. Offered in our Intermediate Pet Training class.

    Training :

    Whether you would like to train your dog to take part in competitions or for general pet training & displays Dogs Training Academy instructors can give you guidance using motivational, reward-based training methods. 

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